The Lair


Directed by Neil Marshall, this action-packed monster-movie is a return to roots, combining elements from Dog Soldiers and The Descent in a subterranean battle between troops stationed in Afghanistan and The Ravagers.

When Royal Air Force pilot Lt. Kate Sinclair is shot down over Afghanistan, she finds refuge in an abandoned underground bunker where deadly man-made biological weapons – half human, half alien – are awakened.


The Lair premiered as opening film of London’s FrightFest in Leicester Square on August 25th 2022. [FRIGHTFEST LINK]

The Lair released in North American cinemas on October 28th 2022 with RLJE and then on horror platform Shudder. [DEADLINE LINK]

Collider released an exclusive set of stills on July 28th [COLLIDER LINK]

Flight Lieutenant KATE SINCLAIR – Charlotte Kirk
Sgt. TOM HOOK – Jonathan Howard
Major ROY FINCH – Jamie Bamber
Sgt. OSWALD JONES – Leon Ockenden
Corp. JADE LAFAYETTE – Kibong Tanji
Trooper DAVE BROMHEAD – Troy Alexander
Corp. KIP WILKS – Mark Strepan
KABIR – Hadi Khanjanpour
Trooper VINCE HUGHES – Harry Taurasi
Pvt. DWAYNE EVERETT – Mark Arends
Pvt. EDDIE SERANO – Adam Bond
Director Neil Marshall commented:


NEIL MARSHALL on set of ‘THE LAIR’ in Hungary

The Lair completed Post Production in May and held Market Screening in Cannes on May 18th 2022.

The film is represented for International Sales by Highland Film Group.


The extract below is taken from a Screen Daily article in July 2021.

Production has begun in Hungary on UK genre ace Neil Marshall’s action-horror and Highland Film Group sales title The Lair starring Jonathan Howard from Thor: The Dark World, Charlotte Kirk from The Reckoning and Jamie Bamber from Battlestar Galactica.

The Lair follows Sgt. Tom Hook as he is tasked with leading a unit to find Lt. Kate Sinclair after the Royal Air Force fighter pilot was shot down in Afghanistan. Pursued by insurgents, Sinclair has sought shelter in an abandoned bunker where she unwittingly releases the Ravagers – a half human-half alien man-made biological weapon.

Hook and his team, accompanied by a handful of British SAS troops, must save Sinclair from insurgents and the Ravagers before they overrun the area and threaten the entire world.

Additional cast just announced includes Leon Ockenden, Mark Strepan, Hadi Khanjanpour, Harry Taurasi, and newcomers Kibong Tanji and Troy Alexander.

Principal Photography started on location in Hungary on July 11. Daniel-Konrad Cooper of Rather Good Films Ltd. Is producing, and executive producers include Marshall, Kirk, Joe Simpson, Phil Rymer, Simon Williams and Samantha Allwinton.

Ingenious Media and Ashland Hill Media Finance are funding the feature, and co-producers Jonathan Halperyn and Daniel Kresmery of Hero Squared provide production services in Hungary.

“It’s great to be back in the thick of the action with such a stellar cast and crew, and I’m thrilled to be shooting in Budapest again,” said Marshall. “This movie really captures the mood and intensity of my early work, not to mention the blood and guts. I think horror and action fans are going to get a real kick out of The Lair. “

“We are very excited to start production on The Lair,” said Highland Film Group CEO Arianne Fraser and COO Delphine Perrier. “The project received great attention from worldwide distributors when we first introduced it [at the AFM last year].

“Neil’s previous film, The Reckoning was a solid success in the independent world, and we know he is ready to take on another great creature feature – a genre he is beloved for. The talented ensemble cast will certainly deliver for horror-action-thriller fans too looking for a dynamic story and an edge-of-your-seat experience.”

Below-the-line crew on The Lair includes cinematographer Luke Bryant (The Reckoning), VFX producer Sean Wheelan of Filmgate (Pathé’s Centurion, Summit Entertainment’s The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard) production design by Mónika Esztán, costume design by Mária Fatér, and prosthetics by Bálazs Novák (Pieces Of A Woman, Paramount’s Hercules)Casting is by Jeremy Zimmermann (Dog Soldiers).