With a wealth of experience built up across 30+ feature films and countless short-form projects, Rather Good Films founder Daniel-Konrad Cooper is able to offer a broad range of services to help you and your projects. Daniel brings experience of managing shoots across the UK, France, Holland, Hungary, Malta, Toronto, Montreal, Moscow and Mississippi –

Budgets & Schedules

I bring a wealth of experience in creating budgets and schedules for feature films from low budget up to £50m based on shoots in the UK or across Europe. It’s a lot of work to breakdown a script and extract the detail to make this accurate, but it’s something I really love doing. If I’m not shooting I’m usually up for this. A draft budget and schedule are essential tools to be able to raise the finance for a project. If you’re interested in this service do get in touch and we can chat through your needs. [From £2000+VAT depending on project scope]

Line Producer / Producer-for-hire

When I’m not shooting one of my own projects I love to keep involved with the industry by helping other peoples projects on a range of scales and I also operate as a producer-for-hire. Normally this is to run the practical side of a shoot once the finance is in place – budgeting, scheduling, crewing, casting and managing the day-to-day of getting a script to the screen. I’ve been hired to do this on projects great and small on both Independent and Studio movies. If it’s a cool project, do get in touch!

1st Assistant Director / 1stAD

When I’m not shooting one of my own projects I love to keep involved with the industry by helping other peoples projects on a range of scales and aside from producing I also really enjoy working as a 1st AD.

I’m well-versed in scheduling and the needs of a call sheet as well as the play-by-play mechanics of a film set. I really love delivering projects on time and on budget and working as a 1stAD helps me to improve my understanding and skills as a producer. I have 1st AD’d many shorts and features including Agatha & The Curse of Ishtar, Bubbles & The Shitrockers, for Neil Marshall’s The Reckoning – days involving multiple locations, multiple cast and stunts including a full burn!

My experience across 30+ feature films and many more short-form projects helps keep me calm in a crisis and my sets are always calm and productive environments. If it’s a cool project, do get in touch!

Guest Lecturing / Films Schools

I regularly work with a number of film schools and organisations to give talks and classes to help others starting out in the film industry. These can be anything from 1-hour guest lectures to 5-day courses. I’ve worked with new writers, directors and producers on both BA and MA courses sometimes on project-specific case studies but often with a broader focus on the physical production side of filmmaking – budgeting, scheduling, crewing and shoot-paperwork. I’ve worked with ACE Producer Network, Inside Pictures, NFTS National Film & Television School, MET Film School, LFA London Film Academy, CSSD Central School of Speech & Drama, Oxford University Film Foundation, Birds Eye View Filmonomics, BAFTA and various film festivals.

One-to-one Private Film Tuition / Producer Film School 

If you have specific needs I’ve also begun offering private tuition and can create a bespoke course to fit your needs. These sessions can be conducted in-person or remotely – send me an email outlining your current situation and what you hope to gain from the experience and let’s start a conversation. [From £40+VAT /hr depending on project scope]

Film Project Mentoring / Executive Producing

If you have a film in the works and need some help, do get in touch. If it’s a quick fix problem I can offer my experience and contacts to get you back on track, or if you just need someone to call to talk through a problem – do try me.

UK Co-Production Partner

If you have a film that is looking for a UK Partner – either a UK Service Company or a formal Co-Producing ally, do be in touch and we can explore the potential advantages of collaboration from the Uk’s 20% Tax Rebate to the wealth of experienced HODs and crew we can add to your project. 

Film Script Feedback

If you have a script that you love that isn’t going in the right direction yet or getting the traction you’d hoped for, I can offer film script feedback. I do need to charge for this service as it takes many hours to read, review and give feedback on a project, but my experience of what gets made and what doesn’t is likely to help you cross the hurdles you’re missing. [From £150+VAT depending on project scope]


Film Script Submissions

If you have a project you think is a fit for Rather Good Films, do send it! We are occasionally able to review submitted projects, but can make no promises on feedback as all depends on how busy the office is. The core of Rather Good Films output has been thought-provoking intelligent British comedy, but at heart we’re looking for great stories that can be well-told through the medium of Independent Film. While there are no hard and fast rules, often this means Character Driven projects with commercial appeal. We need stories that don’t rely on big VFX but are engaging in ways that Studio projects often are not! We’re looking for projects that we believe the public will pay money to go and see at the cinema and enjoy! – it’s essential to believe that if we’re going to win over investors, crew, agents, cast, sales agents, publicists and distributors to a project.

Please don’t submit anything that isn’t ready. It’s a hard rule, but you only ever have one chance to present a project to anyone, and winning that first Yes/No reaction is key to any success.

Please include a brief summary/synopsis on why the project is awesome and including any attachments, as well as a full script in PDF format.

We’re always on the lookout for new talent – writers, directors and projects. Never any harm in reaching out.

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Experienced UK 1stAD

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