Rather Good Films: Where To Watch

The Man In The Hat

Available now in the UK AmazonPrime, Sky Store, iTunes, GooglePlay, Virgin, XBOX & Playstation.

On VOD & US Cinemas across the US, AUS & UK

Stream free with Ads on IMDbTV

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Lady Brently’s End

Available now Internationally on YOUTUBE via OMLETTO


Available now in the UK & Internationally on SHUDDER



The Orgy

Stream the full film for free online and at:

Dead In A Week (or your money back)

Available now at Amazon, Youtube, SkyStore & Apple TV UK:

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Burn Burn Burn

Available now in the UK on MUBI, Amazon, AppleTV, GooglePlay.

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The Colour Room

Available now at NOW Sky Cinema & Virgin:

The Hope Rooms

Available now at UK Amazon and (ch AppleTV 





Available now in the UK & Internationally on DUST



Available now on Netflix in most territories

Agatha and the Curse of Ishtar

Available now in the UK on Amazon, GooglePlay, YouTube & AppleTV

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Is This A Joke?

Available now in the UK on AppleTV

The Reckoning

Available now in the US

Now in the UK at Amazon, SkyStore & AppleTV / Streaming on SHUDDER

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Available now at Youtube, AmazonPrime & iTunes UK:

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Vita & Virginia

Available now at BFI Player, Amazon, Chili, iTunes & SkyStore UK:

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Low Down

Available now at AppleTV, Amazon, Google & Chili UK:

Another Mother’s Son

Available now at GooglePlay, Youtube, SkyStore & Chili UK:
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Claire In Isolation

A collection of 4x Comedy Shorts set in Lockdown

Free to watch on the Rather GoodFilm YouTube:

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Screen Shot 2021-04-16 at 12.18.51

Did I Wake You?

A Horror Short forBIFA’s HOST Competition 2021

Free to watch on the Rather GoodFilm YouTube



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