Lady Brently’s End

Written by Kirsty Mann and Directed by Sam Barron – Lady Brently’s End is a comedy short film celebrating the emancipation of women.

 Lady Brently’s End 
 Directed by 
 Sam Baron 
 Written by 
 Kirsty Mann & Dipak Patel 
 Maddie Rice 
 Kirsty Mann 
 Harry Kershaw 
 Director Of Photography  
 Alistair Little 
 Makeup Designer  
 Jules Roman 
 Hair Designer  
 Danijella Farrell 
 Focus Puller  
 Anil Duru 
 Sound Recordist 
 Terry Hird 
 Stephen Warbeck 
 Sarah Homer 
 Music Editor 
 Lewis Morison 
 Special Thanks  
 Mark Yates 
 Rosie Bell 
 Stuart Hackshaw 
 Andrew Morris 
 Tony Maher 
 Post Production by Onsight 
 Re-Recording Mixed Andy Coles 
 Colorist Isabelle Payne 
 Post Producer Jeff Halsey 
 [Onsight logo]  
 Kirsty Mann 
 Sam Baron 
 Daniel-Konrad Cooper 
 [RGF logo]
 @Kirsty Mann 2021 by Terror Byrd Media