Dead In a Week (or your money back)

Dead In A Week  (or your money back)

– a dark comedy

Released 2018 – Available now @ Netflix UK & Internationally on DVD & Digital Download

Logline – If you’re serious about ending it, you might need professional help.


After his ninth unsuccessful attempt on his own life, a young man outsources his suicide to an ageing assassin. 

Writer/Director: Tom Edmunds

Producers: Daniel-Konrad Cooper & Nick Clark Windo

Cast includes:
Tom Wilkinson – The Full Monty, Michael Clayton, Denial – Double Academy Award Nominee
Aneurin Barnard – Dunkirk, The Goldfinch, Radioactive, Hunky Dory, Citadel
Freya Mavor – Skins, Sense of an Ending
Marion Bailey – Mr Turner, Peterloo
Christopher Eccleston – Dr Who, Shallow Grave
Shot in January & February 2017 on location in the UK
Partners include: Universal Music Group
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Cinematographer – Luke Bryant

Production Designer – Noam Piper

Casting Director – Toby Whale

Editor – Tariq Anwar (American Beauty,The King’s Speech)

Music – Guy Garvey, Pete Jobson, Paul Saunderson

1st Assistant Director – Cordelia Hardy

Location Manager – Graeme Mackenzie

Costume Designer – Natalie Humphries

Make-up & Hair – Jody Williams

Sound Mixers – Nigel Albermaniche & Tim Surrey

Gaffer – AJ Walters

Stunts – Peter Pedrero



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Dead In A Week (or your money back)

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