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Rather Good Films Company Profile 

Rather Good Films was set up in 2012 by Daniel-Konrad Cooper to focus on delivering thought-provoking British Independent Feature Films. The company provides budgets, breakdowns, schedules, consultancy & coverage on film projects. Daniel has worked on 40+ Feature Films, actively producing 12 features and a number of acclaimed short films. Rather Good Films’ primary aim is to source, develop and deliver dramatic feature film projects capable of engaging and inspiring International audiences.
Strong connections to emerging European talent both on-camera and behind it, ensure that projects are delivered to the highest attainable standards – with both high production values and a consciousness of the market to which each individual project is addressed.

British Independent Comedy

The primary focus of Rather Good Films own output is thought-provoking comedy. We see comedy as a means of engaging an audience which provides an opportunity to explore and interrogate tackle bigger questions. The uniting theme is an overwhelmingly positive Carpe Diem spirit encouraging all to make the most of life. At its core Dead In A Week is a film about finding purpose in our lives – through the relationships we forge – likewise Burn Burn Burn is a call to action to get us making the most of our lives and the people and opportunities that surround us. Independent film often tends toward the bleak but our hope with Rather Good Films is to counter that with positive storytelling that celebrates life with an optimistic outlook. Our feeling is that to be loved by an audience films should at their core be entertaining and inspiring. Our Rather Good ambitions are rather bold at a time when many British Production Companies are moving to Television and distributors often shy away from comedy. We think the audience and the appetite for clever British comedy IS still there and we’ll keep delivering films that we are very proud of and sending positive messages into the world. 

Karen Anspach
March 20th, 2020 at 12:57 am

Please let us know when/where you plan to release The Man in the Hat. A lot of people (some in US and EU) have been waiting for it! BTW Loved The Hope Rooms, exquisite work.

April 3rd, 2020 at 9:36 am

Thanks Karen – we had a deal to release the film in cinemas in September, but alas it looks like the world might not be ready for us then! Hopefully we’ll find a new way to get the film out – it’s a joyous triumph and we can’t wait to share it – there’s a twitter and a facebook account where we’ll be sure to post specific updates. Thanks for your patience!